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La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoes Women Blue/Black Size 38,5 2019 Sport Shoes

Color: Blue
La Sportiva Miura VS Women's Climbing Shoes The Miura holds the ultimate 'all-around' solution to the extreme requirements of modern climbing: friction, sensitivity, precision on edges and comfortable fit. The point of the Miura is derived from the Mirage and is very aggressive and extremely effective on small foot holds, pockets, and in cracks. Suede Leather Upper Constructed using a suede leather upper, the La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoes ensure the perfect balance of structure and stretch. Designed to provide the right amount of support for uncompromising climbs this upper ensures a glove-like fit. The fabric conforms to the shape of the foot to provide a perfect fit that minimises in shoe-slippage; because a precise fit is necessary when climbing. Added leather in the toe box ensure protection from knocks and scrapes ensuring your feet remain protected at all times whilst rubber in the back ensures your heel is always locked in place. Lastly, an innovative closure system consisting of two velcro straps that pull in the opposite direction ensures a locked-down fit for added midfoot support. LaSpoFlex Midsole The midsole of the Miura VS Climbing Shoes is low in profile to save on weight and increase underfoot feel. The Laspoflex midsole is 1.1mm thick to ensure a level of cushioning which doesn't compromise on sensitivity. The specialised midsole incorporates prehensile in the anterior to increase edging capability and sensitivity so you feel changes underfoot without experiencing discomfort. As well as this, the midsole works with a P3 system which leaves the arched shape of the climbing shoe unaltered, without compromising original performance and push-power, even after years of hard use. The permanent power platform is ideal for everyday climbers as it keeps your footwear intact for longer. The midsole is designed to ensure added adaptability so you can tackle any climb with complete confidence. Vibram Outsole Develeoped using a Vibram XS Grip Suede Leather - Provide a supportive, structure fit. Leather Toe Box - Protects the feet from bumps and scrapes. Rubber Heel - Locks in the heel. Velcro Closure System - Ensures added midfoot support. LaSpoFlex Midsole - Ensures sensitivity and adaptability.