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PETZL Simba Junior Harness - SS21 - One

Petzl Simba Junior Harness Full body adjustable harness for children less than 40 kg. Because small children do not have well-defined hips for a waistbelt to latch onto, the full-body design is necessary for safety. Designed to keep your little ones safe whilst climbing, the Petzl Simba Harness is perfect for small climbs. Constructed using a high-strength nylon and polyester webbing, the harness sits comfortably against the skin for all-day wear. The robust nature of the fabric gives you peace of mind plus, its soft against the skin so you can climb distraction-free. The Simba harness is ideal for children (5 to 10 years old) less than 40kg (88lbs.) and can be adjusted to fit varying body types. Adaptable with the growth of children, the harness feature four doubleback adjustment buckles which can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit your child's needs. As well as this, the shoulder straps and leg loops can also be adjusted for an optimum fit. Completing the Petzl Simba Junior Harness is biocolour webbing which makes sure you'll always put the harness on the right way. High Stretch Nylon and Polyester Webbing - Increases overall comfort and durability. Four Doubleback Buckles - Allows the harness to be adjusted to your size. Adjustable Shoulder and Leg Loops - Provides an optimum fit. Bicolour Webbing - Ensures the pack is always on the right way. Composition - High-strength nylon and polyester webbing