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uvex Unisex-Adult, Sportstyle 222 Pola Sports Glasses, White/Yellow, One Size

Color: White/Yellow
Uvex sportstyle sports glasses 222 Pola
The sports glasses Uvex sportstyle 222 Pola is for water sports. Polavision provides protection from glare and other irritations. The polycarbonate panels the Polavision Series absorb diffused light and gentle to help in this sports glasses the sheild from strain. They eliminate bright glare and distracting reflections and converts diffused into brilliant mood lighting effect - 100% clear view. In addition the sports glasses through the schwimmfähige headband is not swept under it.
White: Polavision litemirror yellow, S3
Black Green: Polavision litemirror Green, S3
Black matte red: Polavision litemirror Red, S3
Black matte: Polavision litemirror silver, S3
Item Weight: 28g
Activity: mountain bike Glasses light protection: Cat. 3 (strong sunlight) Light transmission (VLT): 8 - 18%